Since 1960

working in the world of visual communications for over 50 years

Visivart was established by strategically merging two successful firms in the visual communications sector: Boga Milano and Neon Pordenone.
Both were founded in 1960, and together they brought over 100 years' experience to Visivart, to offer services in Italy and internationally, always aiming for excellent results.


from design to prototype,
quality and reliability

Design culture is the founding principle of the Visivart experience. From conception to co-design, we support all our clients' needs, combining aesthetics, functionality and feasibility in each job.


human resources are central
to our work

Visivart offers industrial production capacities, but with an artisanal heart, thanks to its constant investment in human resources, and to a consolidated team of highly-qualified professionals.


research and development
in the service of excellence

Visivart is an ideas workshop, where we experiment with new materials and processes to make all your projects unique. We keep abreast of the constantly-evolving visual communications sector to offer you innovative solutions time after time.


before and after,
we take care of you

Our service culture: site visits, measurements, planning, prototyping and engineering, installation and fitting all accompany the different phases of production.
Our post-sales service offers a guarantee of maintenance assistance for all products.

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